Recipe :: Smoothies

When babies first discover solid foods, they don’t really know what to make of it all. They love some, they hate others, but no matter what – it’s always a messy situation! One foolproof recipe we’ve found to be successful is smoothies. Not just any smoothie – a special smoothie – chock-full of minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruit. The possibilities are endless. You can combine kale, spinach, banana and mango / or chard, parsley, banana and blueberries. Either way, your child will love the taste while receiving all the goodness from the produce.

Example of a recipe:

  • – add a heavy handful of chopped frozen mango and one banana into blender
  • – fill up blender with water just above the top of the fruit
  • – wash a handful of kale and spinach, throw into blender
  • – blend on “liquify” until completely blended

Pour into a cup or bowl and serve to your child. Bon appetit!
*A tip for this recipe: use the freshest organic vegetables and fruit if possible to maximize taste and benefit

P.S. Here at Delighted Child, we love vegetables and feel they should be a staple in every child’s diet. These smoothies are not a replacement for a child’s daily vegetable intake, but rather a nice refreshing addition.

~Delighted Child


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