Teething Tips

Let’s discuss teething, shall we? It’s a topic on every parent’s mind for their young one. We have four great recommendations for you, and we are convinced at least one will work for your child!

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No. 1 ~ The Amber Teething Necklace :: The Amber necklace is a homeopathic product that provides relief for teething symptoms. It’s also noted to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the natural healing process.

No. 2 ~ The Fresh Food Feeder :: Typically this item is used to allow your child to try a food without the choking hazard, but we also use it for teething help. Simple stick a piece of frozen apple or pear inside, and let your child chew away. They receive the sweet taste of the frozen fruit, but also the benefit of the coldness to soothe their aching gums!

No. 3 ~ The Ice Chewy Teether :: We love this product for the littles who are experiencing a lot of discomfort with teething. Because this item has “five fingers”, it has multiple textured teething surfaces. Plus, due to it’s size, it’s easy for any little to hold on to.

No. 4 ~ Chamomile Ice Cubes :: This is one of our favorite teething techniques. Simply put a few pieces of broken up chamomile into an ice tray with purified water, freeze, and serve to your child. Best idea is to put it inside the Fresh Food Freezer to ensure no choking. You can also drench a baby wash cloth in chamomile infused water and freeze, and then let your little one suck/chew on the cloth.

Let us know which of these techniques works for your child!

~Delighted Child


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