Tunes for your tots

We have yet to meet a child who didn’t enjoy music. Whether they are banging on a drum, listening to some tunes, or having mommy or daddy sing to them, children love hearing soothing melodies and calming voices. One band that works extremely well for us when trying to sooth an upset baby is “She & Him”. Some of you might know of the lead singer, actress Zooey Deschanel. They have three albums, one being a Christmas album, and every song gives off a warm feeling and reminds you of springtime. And let me tell ya, babies LOVE it! We press play for “She & Him” on our iPhone, stick the phone in the stroller, and by the third song the child is passed out asleep. If you are having any napping difficulties, we urge you to download an album or two and try it out.

~ Delighted Child


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