Sleep Machines, and….

Which sleep machine, if at all, do you use for your child? We have 3 personal favorites that we would like to share with you.

No. 1 ~ The Sleep Sheep On The Go – The major benefit of this one is you can take it with you anywhere. Bring it in the car, attach it to the car seat, throw it in the stroller, whatever you need! It comes in a cute little sheep buddy package that your little is sure to love. {Can be ordered on Amazon}

No. 2 ~ Tranquil Moments White Noise Sound Machine, For Baby – This machine has 6 soothing sounds that includes a sleep timer. We have had experience with this machine and have nothing but good things to say about it. {Can be purchased at Brookstone}

No. 3 ~ Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine – This machine is great because not only does it have 12 sound options, but you can also plug in your iPod to use your own sounds. It also includes a soft glow night light. {Can be ordered on Amazon}

If you are interested in going down a different route, you can also use your iPod to play music of your choice to help your child fall sleep. Have you ever heard of “Rockabye Baby”? They have created child-friendly renditions of your favorite albums. You can learn more about their albums here:  – or buy albums off iTunes. {Our personal favorite is Radiohead’s OK Computer album!}

Let us know what you like to use!

~ Delighted Child


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