Crib Pickin’

I think we can all agree that choosing a crib is a pretty big decision. There are just so many options. Color, size, shape, materials, pricing- the options are pretty much endless. We have narrowed down our favorites to share with you, to hopefully help you in making your crib pickin’ decision a little easier.
No. 1 ~ This Baby Bed is pretty fantastic. It is five pieces of furniture in one design, that follows the child’s growth from infant to junior age. It was created to suit your child’s needs and seems like a great investment to us. Plus, it has a beautiful soft look. We just love it.

No. 2 ~ We think the Alma Crib is the best crib for an apartment or small space due to it’s compact size. It folds up nicely for easy storage, and requires no tools for assembly. (We like the sound of that!)

No. 3 ~ Isn’t this Convertible Crib gorgeous? It also converts to toddler and full sized bed as needed. We love the sleigh bell style design it has and think it would look incredible with all white bedding.
No. 4~ This Graco Charleston crib has a classic look that we just adore. You can never go wrong with chic white, and the bedding options are endless.

*Something to think about when purchasing a crib: Make sure the wood slabs on the side of the crib are close enough together to prevent your baby’s leg from getting caught. Just something to consider!

Let us know what crib you decided on and your feelings about it.

~ Delighted Child



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