Wonderful Wooden Toys

We love wooden toys, plain and simple. There is something old fashioned and sincere about them. Wooden toys promote creativity and imagination. I played with them, my mother played with them, her mother played with them, and her mother….

But there is more to wooden toys than just the nostalgic aspect. They are built to last, and most are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and do not use chemicals in the manufacturing process. Many wooden toys are educational as well. Number & letter blocks help develop numeracy skills and teach children the alphabet. Also, did you know they make wooden bicycles? Cool, right?

Have you ever wanted to make a wooden toy yourself? We challenge you to it. But let us recommend using milk-based paint which is natural and non-toxic {unless your child has dairy allergies}. Other options are food coloring or watercolor paint.

Regardless of if you buy wooden toys or make them yourself, your child will cherish them and have them throughout their entire childhood. And who knows, maybe they will save a special wooden toy and pass it down to their children!

If you are looking for a great wooden toy, may we recommend www.babynaturopathics.com  or  www.barclaywoods.com ? We are fond of their products.

~ Delighted Child


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