Toss the cereal, and scramble something!

Of course cereal is the easiest choice for breakfast in the morning for our children, but do we really know what’s in cereal? If we knew, would we still reach for that cardboard box each morning? Cereals are full of unnatural ingredients like niacinamide, yellow 5, butylated hyroxytoluene, dried glucose syrup, fructo-oligosaccharides, dextrose, refined sugar and trisodium phosphate. We could be wrong, but last time we checked, butylated hyroxytoluene didn’t grow on a farm. Let’s cut back on the processed cereals and replace them with fresh, farmed raised { organic? 🙂 } EGGS!

Eggs are full of protein, which supply many of the essential amino acids kids need. These amino acids are the building blocks for the skin, tissues, hormones and more. The reason why they are considered “essential” is because our bodies cannot make these amino acids on it’s own, but instead get them from the foods we eat. Eggs are easy to digest so our bodies are able to absorb the protein well. Not to mention, eggs contain choline which aids in brain development.

So scramble up those eggs and let’s feed our child’s mind and body!

~ ~ ~

Delicious Egg Recipe

*For under 1 year old, mix one egg in a bowl and add a splash of breast milk/formula. “Grease” the pan up with a splash of warm water, then add the egg/milk mix into the pan. Heat on medium+ until the egg is fluffy.

*For kiddos over 1 year old:
You will need: two eggs, one quarter sweet yellow onion, one quarter tomato, one quarter yellow pepper, milk, 1/4 cup warm water
Step 1: beat two eggs in a bowl and add a big splash of milk
Step 2: finely chop the onion, tomato, and yellow pepper
Step 3: “grease” the pan with the water, heat on medium+
Step 4: add the onion, tomato, and yellow pepper to the pan, let cook for 2 minutes
Step 5: add the beaten eggs, mix with the vegetables, cook together until eggs are fluffy – and serve!

{Food for thought: some recommend waiting until your child turns eight months to one year before introducing eggs. It’s your choice, just wanted to communicate all options.}

Bon appetit!

~ Delighted Child


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