The “D” Word

What is worse than your child having diarrhea? It’s unpleasant for them, unpleasant for you- just all around…. unpleasant. Did you know there are certain foods you can feed your child to help them overcome the bout of diarrhea? These foods will help firm-up and bind your child’s stools when diarrhea makes it’s unfortunate appearance, and is referred to as the “BRAT diet”.

Bananas, rice or rice cereal, apple sauce and toast comprise the BRAT diet. These foods consists of insoluble fiber and potassium which will help stop diarrhea and also relieve constipation. It is important to make sure your child is well hydrated, whether will breast milk/formula for babies or water for the older kiddos. Keep in mind that dairy products can cause diarrhea, and maintain dry bottoms to prevent bacteria from causing a diaper rash or a yeast infection.

Although diarrhea is inevitable for children, providing a well-rounded and healthy diet can help lessen the chances. Keeping your kiddo well hydrated is essential is preventing dehydration, so keep them bottles comin’!

~Delighted Child


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