Book review: Bringing Up Bebe

Have you read Bringing Up Bebe yet? We LOVE this book. It’s safe to say, we think this is the best “parenting” book on the shelves. Of course there are other great books out there, like books about what to expect when you’re pregnant and information on the first year of your baby’s life. But this book spoke to us on a different level.

Bringing Up Bebe is about an American mother, Pamela Druckerman, living in Paris with her husband and children. Pamela writes about how parents can make their lives less stressful by taking some pointers from French parents. She discusses her own experiences and struggles, and how once she started emulating the French parenting style, she began to see positive changes in her family structure and her kids’ behavior. We found it funny, insightful, endearing, and informative. If you only read one book about parenting- let it be this one!

~ Delighted Child


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