Book Review: Babyproofing your marriage

Have you read this book yet? A good friend loaned it to me, and I’m about half-way through with it. It’s a witty read with good advice. It covers the transition from marriage to parenthood and the affects parenting has on your relationship. We think everyone can relate to various parts of the book and benefit from the tips and advice, all the while enjoying the funny stories mixed throughout the chapters. Happy reading!

~ Delighted Child


Petit Bateau Love

     Since we love all things French, it’s no surprise that we are drooling over Petit Bateau’s entire site. This collection of baby & kids clothes {designed in France} are so cute, we just don’t know where to begin! The materials are so soft and the clothes are well made, we feel these pieces are a great investment and will quickly become your child’s favorite items. Petit Bateau’s sweaters, onesies and pants are too adorable and would look awesome on any little! Check out their site here.

~ Delighted Child


Dessert Time

When I was little, dessert wasn’t part of our daily diet. During the week, whatever our nanny made for dinner, that is what we ate. On the weekends, our parents would take us to TGI Fridays, or Chevy’s Mexican, and we were always pretty stoked about it. On  Sunday nights, my father would cook us his “famous pasta” and we would help squish the tomatoes- it was the highlight of the weekend. But dessert was never really part of the meal, and we didn’t really ask for it. Occasionally my father took us to get “clown cones” from 31 Flavors {remember those?!} but that was the extent of it.

Once I became a nanny myself, I noticed how many children asked for, or sometimes demanded, dessert after dinner, and sometimes even after lunch. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe a four year old would eat a popsicle and a bowl of ice cream daily, it just seemed like so much sugar for such a little one. After a while, I noticed kids eating less of their proper meal because they were so obsessed with getting to their dessert. I knew I needed to try new tactics to replace all the sugary desserts they were inhaling with something more nutritious.

So I started “dressing” up fruit. I would scoop melon into small melon balls and toss a few sprinkles on top, or serve small pieces of frozen mango and tell them it was sorbet {close enough, right? and sure tastes like it!}, or mix together cut up bananas and strawberries in a bowel and add a dollop of whipped cream. And guess what- they loved it! Half of my success was presentation, the other was using fresh fruits and cutting them in a way that looked appetizing.

Instead of caving every time your child whines for ice cream or a popsicle, try presenting them with a bowl of fresh fruit with a fun topping and see what happens. Chances are, they will grow to love their new “dessert”.

~ Delighted Child

Keep Those Lil Legs Warm

How sweet are these leg warmers and socks from Baby Legs? Made from a soft cotton, they have many different design options and styles to keep your kiddo’s feet and legs warm. Wouldn’t the leg warmers look super cute with a little dress? Put the football socks on your little guy to watch a game with his dad- really, too cute! Fall is around the corner and temperatures are starting to drop, so it’s time to stock up on warmer clothes for our littles. Check out all of the different options on the Baby Leg site.

~ Delighted Child

High Chairs

What kind of high chair do you use? There are so many options, where do you start when choosing the perfect one? Wood or plastic? Swivel or still-standing? Our personal favorite is the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. Not only is the chair adjustable as your child grows, but it promotes correct ergonomic seating for your kiddo. We have also heard good things about the Svan Signet high chair. The Svan Signet has a five-point safety harness and is constructed from sustainable birch wood.

One thing every parent deals with during snack or meal time is how much food falls on the floor. Have you ever seen these Mum 2 Mum Bandana Wonder Bibs? They are genius- comfortable for the child, and catch falling food like no other bib!

~ Delighted Child

Recipe: Carrot Soup

We would like to share a delicious carrot soup recipe with you, just in time for fall. It’s a great dinner option, which you can make double of and freeze for later use. Green beans and spinach would make for great sides as well. Bon appetit!
4 tablespoons butter
1 yellow onion chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
10-12 carrots peeled and sliced
6 cups chicken stock
1 pinch dill weed
1 pinch marjoram
1 pinch thyme
1 pinch parsley
salt & pepper to taste
3T cornstarch
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
step one: in large pot, heat butter. add onion and garlic. saute until golden.
step two: add chicken stock, carrots and spices. bring to a boil then reduce heat & simmer uncovered until carrots are soft. {about 35 minutes}
step three: mix cornstarch with small amount of cold water to dissolve. add to soup and stir well. add cream and let simmer for another 15 minutes.
step four: puree. serve & enjoy.
*soup tip: most soups call for flour as a thickening agent. replace the flour with cornstarch, like in this recipe, and you wont get that unfortunate flour taste that many soups have.
~ Delighted Child

Mocassins for everybody!

We may or may not be obsessed with these baby moccasins. And by may or may not, we mean totally obsessed. The fact that the chocolate brown ones are currently on their way to our house makes us extra cheerful this morning. These moccasins are handmade to order and are absolutely the cutest we’ve ever seen. They would look adorable on any baby, with any outfit, at any time, in any season. If we had our way, we’d have every color in our closet. Check em out and let us know what your favorite color is.

~ Delighted Child