Petit Bateau Love

     Since we love all things French, it’s no surprise that we are drooling over Petit Bateau’s entire site. This collection of baby & kids clothes {designed in France} are so cute, we just don’t know where to begin! The materials are so soft and the clothes are well made, we feel these pieces are a great investment and will quickly become your child’s favorite items. Petit Bateau’s sweaters, onesies and pants are too adorable and would look awesome on any little! Check out their site here.

~ Delighted Child



One for mini, one for mama

The weather is changing, summer is drifting away and fall is rolling in. It’s time to pick up some new clothes to stay warm. The fall is our favorite season. It gives us an excuse to wear cozy scarves and cute hats. We have some adorable recommendations for you today- an outfit for the mama and an outfit for the mini.

For the Mini :


For the Mama:


For the Mini: Hat  Sweater  Dress  Leggings  Mary-Janes
For the Mama: Jacket  Top  Necklace  Pants  Wedges

After a long day, change into some cute mama & baby pajamas, snuggle up with your little one and read a good book together. Have you read this book yet?

~ Delighted Child

Simple Jumpers


The Little Seed, an eco-friendly and organic children’s brand from Los Angeles, has designed the most simple, delicious baby jumpers. They are made from super soft 100% raw cotton and use low-impact dyes. The jumpers come in 16 gorgeous colors, designed with the perfect cut that would look adorable on any child. Paired with some Chevron Booties and you’ve got yourself a great little outfit for your little one.

~ Delighted Child

Kiddo Clothes: Goat-Milk


We stumbled upon Goat-Milk a few months ago and fell in love with their clothes. They are a bit on the pricey side, but we’ve never seen cuter onesies. I mean, how cute is this black and white striped onesie? LOVE!

Another benefit of Goat Milk’s is they use 100% organic cotton. Buying organic cotton clothing is not only good for the environment, but helps limit the possibility of toxins and chemicals getting through your child’s skin. Plus, organic cotton is stronger and more durable than regular cotton, which means the pieces will last longer.

Head on over to Goat-Milk and check out their clothes if you’d like ::

~Delighted Child